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Stryker T-Top Reviews & Customer Testimonials
Everyday, owners of Stryker T-Tops and center console boat accessories share their appreciation for our dedication to quality, style, value and service. The following testimonials and ttop reviews are only a small example all the positive feedback we have received from our customers over the years.

"I have had no Stryker T-Top problems from purchase, to install, to present day about 3 years later. Easy to order, got a great price, everything arrived on time and nicely packed. Opening boxes was like opening a treasure chest with all the beautiful polished aluminum glowing out. Wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy again well worth the money which was a steal compared to my local fabricator who I could not afford to be honest. We have rough waters here in Maine and the t-top works like a champ in any season. Not a jiggling mess like some other company tops I've heard about. Have got dozens of compliments and questions about it over the years and always give you guys high praise. Thanks for the making a great product and making a t-top in my budget."
Brian Kjeldsen - Bar Harbor, Maine
"I purchased the SG600. I receive compliments consistently about the styling and design of the top. I am very pleased with the quality for the cost. It is easy to install. It really has added greatly to the appearance and functionality of this boat. It rivals custom built T-Tops at nearly half the cost."
James Ford Jr - Arnold, Maryland
"The Best!!!! I get so many looking and wanting to know where I found this T-Top. Absolute head turner."
Woody Elvis - Myrtle Beach , South Carolina
"Great T-top. Took about 2 hours to install from start to finish. For anyone who wants a quality T-Top at an affordable price, Stryker is the way to go. Thank you."
Capt. Jon Wilson - Valdosta, Ga.
"Stryker T-Tops are amazing. Priced local marines stores for T- tops and found very expensive. My father was looking on line for tops and saw video for Stryker T-Tops and told me to check it out, T-tops were on sale! We ordered 2 weeks before Christmas and were amazed to be installing new top over holidays.

I love driving around with my new Stryker T-top. My wife laughs, whenever we stop places, the guys stop and stare...she says its a guy thing.

The local maraine shops, don't believe what I payed for this T-Top... Amazing deal!"
Barry Fitzgerald - North Bay, Ontario
"Just a comment- saw your ad in Sport Fishing magazine... Love the top, loved the price and I get asked all the time how much I spent on "that t top". It's SO much nicer that anything else on the universal market. NICE WORK! CONGRATS!!!!

I had a guy ask me if Stryker made other styles of tops as he's been looking for something. He was impressed by the pipe diameter and the welds. It's great to own a product that other people admire.

Thanks again for a great product! You guys did a great job on this. I look at the Smith and Taco tops now with disdain and am thankful I never spent the money on one of those. Your top came about at the exact perfect time for me. This one looks custom. Thank you "
Craig Edmonston - Hamilton, OH
"Very happy with my new Stryker T-top.The way the pipes overlap were they connect makes a nice tight fit. And the welds are as pretty as you could ask for. Flowing style really looks sharp."
Dennis Stallings - Glen burnie, Maryland
"The Stryker is a substantially serious T-Top. We were concerned that it might be cheaply made but no way, this is the real deal. Plus it was easy to install"
David Lepage - Syracuse, NY
"I did my research when I bought my T-Top and Stryker made the best top by far. I love the fact that I can fold the top to store my boat in the garage. I have a sportfishing charter business so I know the value of having the shade my new top provides."
Dan Leavoy - Windsor, Ontario Canada
"We dumped our stock bimini top and 2 seasons ago purchased a Styker T top. We are very happy with your product! The boat looks so much better!"
Jeff Whitman - Herring Cove, Nova Scotia Canada
"Stryker T-Tops gave my boat the look I was needed. 40% cooler on hot summer days. Every one wants to buy my boat now. I love it! Thanks Stryker!"
David Olds - Santa Fe, Texas
"I love the top. I like it that much that I moved from one boat to another. The quality of the top is unsurpassed. I get a ton of compliments on it. I have the sg600, electronics bow with speakers, rocket launcher and out rigger mounts. I think it sets the boat off. Thanks for a great product and wonderful customer service. "
Adam Strickler - Fredericksburg, PA
"Why hell yea we are happy with our STRYKER T-TOP. We have the best and I do mean the best looking boat in this part of the world. When we go out we have to leave an hour before so we can talk to everyone when we stop at the store for gas and ice. We have had people to chase us down to look at it. We love it and we are very proud the we did the work ourselves. We really didn't need to talk to Stryker after we ordered our top because with video it was pretty easy. LOVE OUR BOAT WITH THE NEW T-TOP LOOKS GREAT AND RIDES GREAT. What else could anyone ask for? THANK YOU "
David Christian - Rincon, Georgia
"My boat is a 2007 Campion Explorer 492. It's a 17.5 ft CC. Being an avid fisherman in Canada on the Pacific Ocean is probably the greatest thing in the world! However, with the great fishing comes inclimate weather, cold winters and rain that keeps the average fisherman at home. You have only a few options if you want to take advantage of world-class year round salmon fishing. You can buy a boat that costs so much that it's sure to cause a divorce, you can charter a larger boat, or you can invest in a great top like this! It withstands the harsh winds, crazy chops and keeps me quite dry! This ain't a wimpy bimini top, that's for damned sure!"
Ken McPhee - British Columbia, Canada
"Just wanted you to know how high quality your T-Top is. We installed it in about 3 hours. It fit my 20' 1975 SF perfectly. The front vertical tubes extend about 3-4 inches in front of my console giving a great hand hold for persons sitting in the front console seat. The actual lines of the Top are very sleek with a swept back look giving my 35 year old Ocean Skiff a more modern look while keeping the classic lines of the old Potter built Seacrafts. The boat now has 360 degree fishability and hand holds where you reach. It saved us the past weekend at the Galveston Jetties where we have 4-6 foot seas out at the end of the jetties with 8' walls. I cant tell you how much the hand hold saved me from being thrown around and maybe overboard. It even began to rain and the Sunbrella is waterproof. All in all a great top for a great price.

Stryker makes the boat look like a totally different vessel. I've had 2 other fisherman in my neighborhood compliment me on the top. I told them all about how I got it, price, installation. They were thinking of biminis and I discouraged them. In the water of the bay and near offshore where I fish mostly in my 20' CC, you regularly get 2 to 3 foot chop and either you better have your bimini deployed or laying down cause rear braces will snap (mine did 2 times). This top is so awsome, and I have 360 degree fishability and a solid hand hold for all passengers. Plus they way it installs I still can use my console side mounted Rocket launchers for my net, gaff, fish Billy, Knives. Very cool."
David Elias - League City, Texas
"Online support was very good. Quality of the SG600 is better than I expected. Welds are excellent and the top is very sturdy. Very impressed."
Stuart Stacey - Roches Point, Ontario Canada
"I love my Stryker T-top. It is everything I expected and MORE!!!"
Neal Pope - Memphis, Tennessee
"Easy to install and looks GREAT!! Had several comment that they thought it was factory. Really makes the boat look a lot better. Thanks Stryker for a great product."
Greg Wilkins - Clanton, AL
"Great top went together great"
Frank Danielo - Montauk, New York
"The top looks great and handles excellent on the water."
Charles Pasco - Kingsville, OH
"Love the T-Top! Had lots of inquiries about where I bought it. The T-Top has been fantastic! Easy to install nad maintain! Now I need an electronics box!"
Erik Moore - Virginia Beach, VA
"Pleased with the quality, installation was easy. The top looks great on the boat."
Bob Gadis - Holbrook, New York
"T-top mades this boat look so much better. Love it"
Gerald Viveiros - Westport, MA
"The top is working out very well. Thanks."
Bryan Young
"Love the top thanks"
David Green - Lewes, DE
"My Stryker T- Top has been a great addition,makes a great day of fishing even better"
Rob Hodges - Mulege, CA
"Absolutely love it !!!!!!"
Lee Little - Corpus Christi, Texas
"I like the sleek look to the top. The T-top added some up-to-date looks to my older Mako."
Wayde Moore - Keyport, New Jersey
"I love it. Very well built."
Robert Lavallee - Rochester, New Hampshire
"Thank you for making such an awesome product. I am extremely happy with not only the manufacturing of the top, but the whole design. It’s fantastic. Special thanks to Mike from your sales department. Not only was he quick to reply on emails, but when I had a chance to speak with him by phone was again impressed by his professionalism and purpose... The Rocket Launcher is all I have yet to add and if it’s like anything else you sent me, it will be a easy addition!"
Ben Overbey - Orlando, Florida
"Very happy with it, folds down perfectly."
Mike Kerr - Dyer, Indiana
"Easy 3 hour install with a helper. Lots of compliments, even from local T-Top designers & installers."
Ron Smart - Rockport, Texas
"It was a nice project and great addition to the boat."
Russell Stevens - Cape Coral, Florida
"Excellent quality, easy to install. got the full package with all the accessories, and so worth every penny!!"
Zeamon Alcorn - Arlington, Tennessee
"The T Top is excellent quality. Construction is top notch. Easy assembly, even with the Radar unit, light bar and radio antennas, the top seems to be working out nicely. Could not be any happier. "
John Isaacks - Iron Station, NC
"I am very happy with the top, fast install, great welds very durable. Top takes big waves and doesnt wiggle. Thank you very much. "
Todd Stone - Bridgeport, NY
"Good looking, a great fit and tremendous functionality for the price."
Brian Harker - Morehead City, NC
"Easy to assemble and looks great after install. Have had alot of comments on how good it looks on the boat"
Mark Howitt - Greer, SC
"It was a lot better than I expected"
Jason Kraft - Linthicum, MD
"Love this t-top. Easy to maintain and looks super!!"
James Day - Palm Bay, FL
"I really enjoy my Stryker T-top!"
Michael McKnight - Hudson, Florida
"Great top and looks good. Well made and reasonable price"
Layton Long - Lexington, NC
"Best boat purchase I've ever made. Easy to install and very durable."
Jack Douglas - Moncks Corner , SC
"Great product!"
Mario Trani - United States
"I love the T-Top. I had a bimini top before. What an improvement with the t-top. It opened up the whole deck for fishing. Great price and a well built top for the money."
Donald Stefanick - Drums, PA
"We purchased a T-Top from you last year and everything you said was TRUE! The top was an easy installation. It has changed our fishing habits for the better. Between sun, rain, wind and typical Big Lake weather we are able to get on the water anytime we want to."
Russell & Mimi Dimauro - Sudbury, Massachusetts
"I just wanted to let you know how much I like your T-top. It is well built and very easy to install as I did it myself. Your T-top is what made my Sea Ox 230 Kingfish look like a center console should look. Awesome job!"
George Bridle - Poughkeepsie, NY
"Just thought you would like to see what your product looks like on my 2007 Glassmaster 180CC. Looks great and I really like it. No problem putting it together. Outstanding welding job."
Richard Kihn - Lexington, South Carolina
"Installed the SG600 on my 21 foot Sea Pro and am very pleased with the looks, style, functionality and the ease of installation. Thanks so much for making a quality product at a very reasonable price."
Les Adams - Pequea, PA
"I just wanted let you know I appreciated your assistance in getting the top for my reconditioned boat. The Stryker Top really set off the finished product."
Sam Swickard - Plainfield, IN
"Top not only looks great but helps a lot in rough water."
Joe Neumann - Arcadia, Florida
"Install was fairly simple . Anybody with minor handy man skills can install this top. Sweet looking and really brings my boat to life!!! "
Tony Fontenot - United States
"I couldn't be happier with the t-top! I love the sturdiness of it and the rocket launcher really turns heads!"
Dan Kelly - Rosenhayn, New Jersey
"I performed the install by myself and it took about 4 hours in between severe thunderstorms. Placed the Sunbrella canvas on in a light sprinkle.

Now I cant wait to take it out in the Gulf next weekend. It feels very solid and great quality. Looks great on the boat."
S Dibble - Birmingham, Alabama
"The weather has final broke on the east coast and my install is complete. She made her debut over the Memorial Day weekend and received a lot of ooohs and aaahs.

Your install video was a tremendous help and saved me some valuable time. Great value for the money, just check some other online catalogs."
Fred Yawger - Morristown, New Jersey
"Here are some shots of my 22’ Cape Craft after my T-Top was installed. It looks great on the boat and I am very pleased with the final product. It has added style while increasing practical functioning and safety to my boat at a great price."
Mark Carpenter - Vista, California
"This is my 2009 Carolina Skiff DLV with my new Stryker T-Top. The T-top adds to the good looks and I`m sure it will be a big help with the fishing."
Vernon Wright - North Carolina
"I have 2007 Carolina Skiff 218DLV. This top really enhance the look and improved the function of the boat. I’m very happy with this top."
Brandon Hayward - North Carolina
"I recently had one installed on his boat and it looks rock solid. I'll share my first impressions. Very solid. Nice finish, functions great, custom look is a plus. When you shake the T top, the entire boat shakes on the trailer, not the top by itself (That make sense?) I did have custom standoffs welded on when it was installed because I figured that the standoffs would be the weak point of the set up, and also the hardest thing to install properly. I am lazy so I just let my local T top shop do it all. They liked the top as well."
Anonymous - Mobile, Alabama
"I put my new Stryker T-top and rod holders on this past weekend. It looks great and was fairly easy to install. I gave it a test ride on the Chesapeake Bay on Monday and it worked great. I actually caught some fish. All I need now is a cold weather enclosure and I will be ready for winter rock fishing. It sure enhances the appearance of my boat. Thanks for a quality product at a fantastic price."
James Hogan - Beford, Virginia
"Really happy with the Stryker T-top. I was told by others that it wouldn't be solid and it had too many weak spots. I was out over the weekend in 3-5 footers @ 9 sec, at Santa Cruz, California, and the top was very stable and durable. I love the way it looks. I installed it in under 2 hours by myself. The installation was pretty easy. High quality materials, strong and durable, all at less than half the price of a custom top."
Jason Certeza - San Jose, California
"I purchased the Stryker t-top over the winter . I installed it on the Lola Marlene . The top looks very aggressive and stylish , really makes my boat look like a million dollars. Thanks Stryker for an affordable t-top."
Bill Jones - Pasadena, Maryland
"I love my new Stryker T-Top. It looks and works great. Several friends said they like the look, and one friend just bought one after seeing mine. I added two customized cross braces to install a wind shield."
Michael Broussard - New Iberia, Louisiana
"Love the T-TOP. Really a lifesaver when out in the sun all day. The fold down top is great for garaging in the winter."
Keith Hendrickson - Suffolk, Virginia
"Just returned from Baja with the new top and it worked flawlessly and kept us out of the intense sun."
Will Bateman - Atascadero, CA
"It was easy to install. I was completely satisfied with the workmanship and high quality of materials."
Michael Stephano - Cashville, Virginia
"The Stryker T-Topwas a great addition to our boat, it looks like a different boat. The large rocket launcher keeps spair rods and rigs up out of the way so they can not hook someone chasing a fish, and the shade is a great relief in the HOT Texas sun. "
Richard Wyke - Richmond, Texas
"Thanks for a great T Top. Here are some pics of it on my 2003 Sea Pro 180cc. SG300, rocket launcher, electronics box. I made my own VHF and GPS mounts."
Ron Davis - Goose Creek, SC
"Looks great. Easy to install. Sturdy construction. Price is outstanding."
Ron Sokol - Swansboro, NC
"I really like the 300 series it was easy to install and gave some class as well as coverage while on the water. The construction and sturdy material is awesome. I have refered several of my friends to your company after they saw the new addition. Thank You Stryker!"
Randy Capo - St. Augustine, Florida
"This is by far the best T-Top out there for the money. It really looks great on my boat, and provides the perfect amount of shade for my family."
Todd Moser - Summerville, SC
"This T-top really sets off my boat. Very impressed with the quality."
J.D. Koger - Galax, Virginia
"Excelent t-top . Friendly assembly, very nice product for less money."
Josue Rosario - Arecibo, Puerto Rico
"I Fish The Chesapeake Bay for Striper, Shark, and Drum.. This Top is solid, and easy to install. I shopped around, and couldn't find a better price or quality!"
Randal Howell - Newport News, Virginia
"I am very pleased with my Stryker T-Top. It is a perfect fit for my boat. I have heard nothing but positive comments from everyone who sees it."
Johnnie Faniel - Jacksonville, North Carolina
"The top was really easy to put together and install on the boat , gives me great shade and stylish look, the top is made very well as the sunshade material, all my friends love the new top"
Jody Barcellos - Morgan Hill, CA
"Great top at a great value."
David Lawton - Bowie, Maryland
"Love my Top, it was easy to install, and looks fabulous , People think I'm lying when I tell them what I paid!"
Don Chappus - Harrison Twp., Mi
"Everyone who has seen the top is very impressed. The installation was not difficult and the instructions were very clear. Unless you are an 8 foot octopus, you need a buddy or 2 to help. Case of beer and some pizza will fix that!

I am amazed what a transformation the top made as far as the looks and dimension of the boat is concerned, just flat out awesome!! Thanks for a great product."
Terry Thompson - Betterton, Maryland
"I recommend your top to everyone. It's well worth the money and a great product."
Albert Narizzano
"Easy install, great looks and shade... Love the top, the rocket launcher keeps all the rest of my rods outta the way... And the compliments are always there, launching or taking the boat out of the water... I recomend Stryker Tops to everyone who asks."
Manuel Vasquez - Keithville, LA
"Best deal on a t top with five rod holder & electronic box "
Earl Raines
"Great T-top easy to install, only took 3 hours with two people, makes the boat look 10 years newer"
Tim Melhus - smithtown , NY
"I love my top, best purchase I ever made to put on my boat."
Dwayne Derise - New Iberia, Louisiana
"I have the top and get many people asking where I got it. I highly recommend Stryker T Tops."
Steve Urmano - Sugar Hill , Georgia
"Love my new Stryker T top, it really looks great on my Seacraft. I was able to install it myself in only a few hours."
Steve Ratcliff - Huron, Ohio
"Without ANY question the BEST upgrade I have made to my boat since I bought it! "
Troy Salazar - Lakeside, CA
"Love it! "
Finis Calvert - Pensacola, Florida
"Best set up you could ask for to maximize fishing capabilities."
Joseph Krumeich - Port Charlotte, Florida
"Beautiful. My new T-Top added value and great looks. I am convinced Stryker T-Tops is the best choice."
Maurico Rodriguez - Louisiana
"Awesome T-top!"
Jon Sabo - Woodstock, Georgia
"My boat had a bimini top I took it off and installed a Stryker T Top. Now I have more room now that the bimini is gone."
Leon Mattern - Comer, GA
"Very great T-Top. Easy to mount and well manufactured."
Francesco Nicotra - Trapani, Italy
"Love the T-Top... it makes the boat!

The pipe welds are unbelievable... I wish I could weld aluminum that good. I did opt for the 600 because it folded down, but found on my boat it will not go down all the way, so the 300 would have worked just as good.

GREAT PRODUCT! I recommend it!

I believe it will be 100% return on my investment if I were to ever sell boat."
Dave Patton - Springfield, Ohio
"I am very impressed with the t-top and will definitely recommend it to my friends."
Marius van Zuydam - Sebastian, Florida
"Great top."
Mike Owsik - Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
"Great product, affordable, and durable."
Mario Trani - San Diego, CA
"Very nice T-top. High quality construction."
Blake Brock - Longview, Texas
"Awesome quality. Easy to install. Very strong."
Brad Bess -
E Setauket , New York
"My Stryker T-Top allows me to spend more time on the water. The top is built to last, stylish and I always get complements at the dock. I'm glad I purchased one!"
Charlie Valdez - Houston, Texas
"The top is a great upgrade for this boat, and I’m very happy with my Stryker T-Top."
Lothar Steschner - Murrells Inlet, SC
"First I would like to thank Stryker T-Tops for there great customer service and fast shipping.When I opened the boxes I noticed the quality of the material used and the strength of this T-Top once installed there is no reason to look further then Stryker."
Vinny Bonamassa - Howard Beach, New York
"Easy to install. Take your time and make sure you have the correct location and measurements and the job will be easy!"
Rick Diver - Cincinnati, Ohio
"We love the T-Top for a long day offshore in the summer heat -- it’s great. And the rod holder holds all my rod and then some!"
Julian Hobby - Fayetteville, GA
"The T-Top has made all the difference in my boat. It was easy to install and the quality is exceptional."
Frank Griffeth - Stapleton, Alabama
"Great T-top, Thank You!!!!"
Jeanue Shoemaker - Daphne, AL
"We love our t-top!...our boat looks like a totally different boat! Bye-bye bimini top!!"
Sandy Johnson - Hampton, VA
"Very easy to install. Changes the appearance of the boat for the better, and all the materials have held up well to the elements."
Glenn Guardiani - Clementon, NJ
"Great aftermarket top easy install and very sturdy."
Jordan Edwards - Monroe, NC
"High quality t-top especially for the price. We live in an area where there are several custom marine aluminum fabricators, and people cannot believe that Stryker is a pre-fabricated kit. I honestly do not know how you all can price your t-top so competitively."
Russel Hrncir - Victoria, TX
"The T-top was the perfect addition to my boat to give me a little shade on those 100 degree plus days."
Chris McKernan - friendswood, texas
"The top looks sharp & is perfectly functional. It added value & great looks to my boat. It was easy to install, affordable, & well made. I will be a return customer for sure!"
Ronnie Mauldin - Bastrop, Texas
"I installed the top and the installation was as advertised. The new top changed the whole apperance of the boat and makes it look much newer than it is. I look forward to many years of service with the top."
Mark Ashmore - Greer , SC
"I am extremely pleased and impressed with the ease of installation and quality"
Bradd Sasser - Augusta, GA
"They are easy to install and well worth the great price."
Don Watkins - Beverly Hills, FL
"Love the T-Top, easy to install and great looking."
Rod Hubbard - Hickory, NC
"Very impressed with the build quality, welds, and thoroughness of the kit and instructions. I modified mine with mounting plates and a satin black powder coat finish."
John Evans - Lyme, CT
"I was so excited when i finally found such a great deal and the quality that I was looking for. Mike was such a great person to deal with on the phone and answered all our questions. Iam very satisfied with this company and I would recomend anyone that has a boat should buy a T-Top from Stryker. Thank you for making Moma happy because then everyone is happy."
Matt-n-Kathy Schmidt - Hampstead, NC
"Great look."
Robert Candelmo - Point Pleasant , NJ
"The top is outstanding. I have been getting great compliments. The install was easy and it looks great."
Pat Fleming - Orono, MN
"I love it! Install was smooth and quality is top notch!"
Kirk Stein - Clayton, NC
"I Love my Stryker SG300 T-top. Installation was very straight forward and easy. This was a great alternative to purchasing a custom made top. This is a very solid T-top. "
Larry Rightsell - Knoxville, TN
"Great top for the money. Easy installation. receiving a lot of inquiries."
Dan Simpson - Saint Simons Island , GA
"I purchased the SG300. It’s everything I expected and more. It was easy to assemble and install. This is a quality product."
Brian Nacol - Conroe, TX
"Excellent t-top. Very nice design."
Raul Lopez - MIami, FL
"I had the T-top installed a few months ago when I purchased it and it works awesome. Very sturdy and keeps the sun off you perfectly when your driving the boat."
Ryan Walsh - Brockton, MA
Mike Mihovilovic - Huntington Beach, CA
"My Stryker T-Top is one of the best investments that I have applied to my boat so far. It is built with precision and durability and has made it a totally different boat at a third of the cost of a custom top."
John Irby - Mobile, AL
"I am very pleased with my Stryker T-top and box. I made a good choice. I receive a lot of compliments."
Chris McLamb - Panama City, FL
"I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for such GREAT support on the SG300 I ordered from Stryker T-Tops, it changed the whole look of the boat and is the best investment I have added. The support you and your staff provide is excellent, it was delivered super fast and without any damage or problems. There is nothing out there that compares to the design, quality and look of the Stryker T-Top."
Roy Michael - Las Vegas, NV

"We love our Stryker T-top with the rocket launcher and lock box. I never worry about my camera getting wet with the lock box. Our 19' Key West is rigged for striper fishing on beautiful Lake Cumberland in Russell Springs, Kentucky, where we live. We had the custom canvas and aluminum rail made at Majestic Houseboats in Columbia, KY. They also installed our T-top. They do wonderful work.

Our Stryker T-top was very easy for them to install and has held up beautifully. Thank you for a fantastic product!"
John & Jiniece Goodman - Russell Springs, KY

"As you can see, it's changed the boat tremendously. Have received many comments on it already! Thanks - great product!"
George Margarites
"I have recently installed your SG300 T-top on my boat. It is great.

This far exceeded my expectations. Looks great and much better built than any T-Top that I have researched. Boat is kept busy on South Carolina lakes and inland coastal waters."
DW Eggleston - Jenkinsville, SC
"This is my 1987 Aquasport - Fishy Business. This is my first season using the t top and so far I am very impressed with it. I use the lights that I installed on it for night fishing and navigation. I cant wait to use it this summer in the Texas heat. The electronic box has lots of space and is very strong as well. I would recommend this t top to anyone. Fishy Phil- Plano TX"
Phillip Morris - Plano, TX
"This top is solid if you try to move the top the boat rocks with it."
Jim Mieth - NJ
"I found you guys while surfing The Hull Truth and I'm so glad I did. Great T-top, I get compliments all the time. One guy commented, "The curved legs on the T-Top and the antennas laid back REELY makes for some nice lines!!" Indeed, the design on these T-tops set them apart from all others to the point that they look custom made. Thanks for a nice top and for the helpful support."
Steve Bradley
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Boat T-Top for Boston Whaler Center Console Boat
1964 Boston Whaler Nauset
with SG300 T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"The Stryker T-Top has been a great addition to my Whaler. The design and quality is outstanding. The T-Top provides protection from the elements and looks great!"
Rob Churchill
Erie, Pennsylvania

Boat T-Top for Carolina Skiff Center Console Boat
2012 Carolina Skiff 238DLV
with SG300 T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Great top and great price, we love it!"
Lindsay Perkins
Clearwater, Florida

Boat T-Top for Cobia Center Console Boat
1985 Cobia with SG300 T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Absolutely love the t-top and was easy to install! The t-top makes the boat."
Jennifer Kilpatrick
Montgomery, Alabama

Boat T-Top for Nautic Star Center Console Boat
2011 2111 Nautic Star
with SG600 Folding T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Well built t-top looks good and is a great price! Thanks!"
Tony Gutierrez
Vidor, Texas

Boat T-Top for Baja Runner Center Console Boat
2014 Baja Runner
with SG300 T-Top

Bob Kamoo
Chula Vista, California

T-Top for Tahoe Boats
2013 Tahoe 18LTS
with SG600 Folding T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Online support was very good. Quality of the SG600 is better than I expected. Welds are excellent and the top is very sturdy. Very impressed."
Stuart Stacey
Roches Point, Ontario Canada

Boat T-Top for Kenner Center Console Boat
2009 Kenner 180 VX
with SG300 T-Top (Black)

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Great product! Simple to install"
Caleb Ferreri
Hutto, Texas

Boat T-Top for Kenner Center Console Boat
1996 1900cc Wellcraft
with SG300 T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Great top!"
Brett Heath
Coto de Caza, California

Boat T-Top for Trophy Center Console Boat
2004 Trophy1903
with SG600 Folding T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"The SG600 fits like a glove on my 2003 Trophy 1903 and looks great."
Ryan Combs
Cypress, Texas

Boat T-Top for Scout Center Console Boat
2013 Scout 175 Sportfish
with SG600 Folding T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Best investment I have made in a long time Thanks for the TTop!"
Paul Tardalo
Parkland, Florida

Replacement T-Tops for Boston Whaler Boats
1999 Boston Whaler Dauntless 16
with SG300 T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"This T-Top really changed the look and feel of the boat. It is far superior to the bimini we previously had installed, and a great value. Many folks at the marina have commented on it."
Rob Churchill
Erie, Pennsylvania

T-Top for Mako Boats
2013 Mako 18LTS
with SG300 T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"Couldn't be happier with my T-Top!! It gets a lot of attention on the lake!"
Adrian Domonoske
Abilene , Texas

T-Top for Hydra-Sports  Boats
2000 Hydra-Sports 20 LTS
with SG300 T-Top

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"I love my t-top I get allot of compliments on it. and its easy to install."
Alan Carr
Fayetteville, North Carolina

T-Top for Robalo Boats
2002 Robalo
with SG600 Folding T-Top (Black)

Stryker T-Tops Review Rating: 5/5
"My sweet Toy with a new lid"
Richard DiPippa
Mastic Beach, New York

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